Wireless Hotspots have been


Wireless Hotspots have been a feature at most major airports for some time but most of them charge a subscription or fee to use them. Now that we’re all spending much longer hanging around at airports Propellerhead has a few tips to make your wait a little more bearable.

First get yourself a wi-fi ‘sniffer’. These little keyring-sized gadgets cost around a tenner and they are a lot more convenient for hunting down a signal, than wandering around with your laptop. Seek out the executive and club lounges, these often have free wi-fi access for their patrons, but the signal sometimes spills out.

Finally, run you PC on airport power. Mains sockets in departure lounges and at the gate are worth seeking out, especially if they’re in range of a wi-fi access point.

Wireless operation will suck your battery dry in around half the time it normally takes. If you’re flying long-haul check with your airline before you go if they have power sockets in the seats, and which sort they are, so you have the right adaptor ready, or buy one of those universal travel kits. Don’t forget there are plenty more great utilities on the PCTopTips web site.

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