Will Microsoft's Zune support music subscription services?

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If you’re a happy user of Napster 2.0, Rhapsody or various other music subscription services, you might be licking your lips at the prospect of upgrading to Microsoft’s Zune player, which was announced last week. But woah there. It seems Zune might not actually play protected WMA or WMV files rented from these services.

Blogger Derek Slater suggests it might be because these files wouldn’t support Zune’s music-sharing feature. Is this a big deal? Not if you’re not a subscriber to one of those services, obviously, although predictably you won’t be able to play any tunes downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store on the Zune either.

But it’s yet more proof that the digital music industry is still getting to grips with the idea of being able to buy or rent music from wherever you want, and play it on whatever device you want. Tsk.

[via A Copyfighter’s Musings]
Stuart Dredge
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