Website of the Day: Lynne Truss Online


Today’s Website of the Day is Lynne Truss – you know, the author of “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” – who has put herself online.

The blog doesn’t appear to be up yet, which is probably just as well because I have this mischievous urge to visit it and look for missing commas. Lynne has put a certain amount of blame on poor writing skills at the modern use of language popularised by blogs and text messages, so it would be oddly satisfying to find a few mistakes here and there – after all most of us make them (note the minimalist approach to commas in this post, for example)

Anyway, there’s also a ‘funnies’ section in which Lynne will be posting signs and other notices which display a lack of proper punctuation. There’s only two at present, so if you find any, send them in.

Andy Merrett
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