Webaroo offers Wikipedia for free offline browsing


Remember Webaroo?  It’s a program that lets you take areas of the web and browse it later, offline and at your convenience. Originally for PCs, it was extended to smartphones earlier this year. And now, to make it even more appealing, Webaroo now features a Wikipedia pack, so you can browse one of the web’s favourite reference sites without the need for an internet connection.

Webaroo’s Wikipedia pack, one of over 200 packs currently available, is a hefty 6GB and provides users with a raw, unmodified replica of the site – that’s 3.8 million articles. It might be quite a download, but once you’ve got it, there are obvious benefits – an offline search is fast as there’s no need to wait for each connection and of course, there’s no need to be connected or near a hotspot to browse the this huge reference site. And the biggest reason of all – it’s free.

According to Rakesh Mathur, CEO of Webaroo: "Webaroo is about serving people’s Internet needs when they don’t have the Internet. The Wikipedia pack is one of the great bodies of reference available on the Internet, and we’ve made it portable."

Webaroo website

Dave Walker
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