Unfalloffable Segways recalled due to fault that can make you, er, fall off


Having spent several years taking the mickey out of George Bush for falling off a Segway – the personal transporter that you can’t fall off of – it seems like Dubya may not be to blame after all. Segway has recalled every single one of the personal transporters it’s sold, for a software upgrade to cure a rather embarrassing fault.

"A condition has been identified in which the Segway PT can unexpectedly reverse the direction of the wheels which can cause a rider to fall," says a statement from the company. "This can
occur when the personal transporter’s speed limiter tilts back the machine to slow it down and the rider goes off and then back onto the personal transporter within a short period of time."

Bad news for Segway and its customers. Although somewhere in a bunker in Washington, a president is smirking. Not that this is any different from usual.

Stuart Dredge
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