UK employees swamped in email


Research by an email management company shows that many British employees are getting swamped by email and often don’t have effective (or in fact any) filing and organisation strategies to cope with it.

A quarter never file their emails, 12% file them ‘infrequently’ whilst the worst have inboxes containing as many as 50,000 emails! That’s serious overload.

Many users can’t find email that’s been sent to them in the past (you know, when your colleague asks you if you’ve still got that hilarious picture of Ben using the photocopier). Some people receive up to 150 emails a day (that’s a lot of jokes).

They also don’t seem to know that there are tools to help them search for email, lamented managing director of Kinomi, who obviously would like you to use their solutions.

I don’t have a huge problem with my email, and I do get a wide variety and large quantity of email every day. I use a mixture of filtering, smart mailboxes and the excellent Mac OS X Spotlight search facility to find old or important mails.

How do you cope with your email?

Andy Merrett
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