Two Mice Better Than One?

Propellerhead Top Tip

Did you know than on most PCs you can have two mice running at the same time? But why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, there is this new game Propellerhead has just invented, called Duelling Mice, where two users are given a mouse each and the winner is the one who manages to crash the PC …

But seriously, if you’re into high-end graphics you might want a regular mouse for day-to-day Windows stuff, and a precision mouse or trackball for delicate work. The second mouse could also be a graphics tablet or even a wireless device, used for presentations. So how do you go about connecting two mice?

Easy, one of them needs to be a regular PS2 type mouse. That plugs into the back of the PC, and the other one should be a USB mouse. Switch off, plug them both in and reboot and they should both work, if not check to see if you have any specialised mouse utilities — they’re normally to be found in Control Panel — that specifically prevents the use of two mices. There’s a full archive of tips and tweaks, plus all of the very best freeware tools and utilities at PCTopTips.

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