The Pod – put an end to your shaky photography


Virtually every new camera we see these days has some sort of clever anti-shake technology to reduce blurring of your images. But what if you’ve got an older/cheaper camera? And what if you wanted to take timed shots without a wobble? You need something like The Pod.

There’s not much technology to The Pod – just good old-fashioned common sense. It’s a platform for your digital camera and an alternative to a tripod – essentially a heavy-duty, waterproof-nylon bean bag that holds its shape when you place your camera on top of it. Add to that a non-slip base and you’re guaranteed your camera will stay in place while you snap away. The real bonus is with timed photography, especially if you’ve got an awkward surface to place the camera on. And to make absolutely sure, it uses the "industry standard" mounting bolt to stay secure to your Pod.

Available now, you can buy it online from $17.99

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Dave Walker
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