The Met gets tough on mobile crime, tough on the causes of mobile crime

Mobile phones

Especially when the cause is dozy students waving their expensive mobile phones and iPods around when robbers are watching… The Metropolitan Police is spending the next few weeks visiting London schools, colleges and universities to confiscate funny cigarettes advise students on how not to get their gadgets nicked. In 2005, the Met says that an average of 328 mobiles were stolen in London every day.

The Met’s campaign will include attending university Fresher events and school assemblies, advising students to register their belongings – especially mobiles and bikes – on the Immobilise website, providing information to help prevent mobile phone crime, and discouraging students from buying mobile phones under suspicious circumstances. No, that doesn’t include when you’re in a mobile phone store, and suspect that the greasy-haired salesman patronising you is under 12 years old. Sadly.

“We hope that our activities will encourage students to be more vigilant and aware of their surroundings," says DCI Mick McNally of the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit. "This
will make it harder for robbers to operate and with stolen phones fast becoming
worthless we hope this will have a positive impact on street crime.” 

Stuart Dredge
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