Sonos adds musical alarms and improved internet radio to its wireless music systems

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We’ve covered Sonos a number of times in the past. It’s a music system that hooks up to amplified devices in any room of the house, allowing streaming of your music to each device from your PC or any other device connected to the system, with access via a full colour controller. If you’ve hesitated over buying, you might like to know that it’s been improved with alarm functionality and improved internet radio access.

The improved Sonos goes under the name Sonos System Software 2.0 – and is available as a one-button software update or as part of a newly-purchased system. The upgrade turns every Zone Player into a musical alarm, with clock, snooze, sleep timer, and scheduling to wake you up otr send you to sleep with your favourite music or internet radio station. The internet radio is also improved, with country-specific categories for listing stations and an improved guide that includes instant access to more than 300 stations. 

That’s not all – there’s also improved language support, automatic indexing of your music library, scheduled updates on a daily basis (if you want to download new podcasts), improved scrol wheel performance for finding tracks, an increased maximum library of 50,000 tracks and gapless MP3 playback.

Prices for systems vary – check out the website for your nearest dealer.

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