Sonnet Volta – boost the playing time of the new iPod video

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  It’s all very well cramming all those videos onto your iPod video, but what if you haven’t got the power to play them back? Solution – something to boost the battery, like Sonnet’s Volta, which more than doubles the life of your player between charges.

Apple’s latest iPod offers a battery life of 20 hours for music and around 6.5 hours for video. Attaching the Volta boosts total video playtime up to 16 hours or up to 80 hours for music. It does it via a rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery, which Sonnet claims is good for hundred of uses. And it doesn’t look like an unsightly growth on your player either – it’s got a similar black finish to an iPod and clips neatly on the back. There’s also an LED indicator to show how much power is left, with charging possible via USB, mains or car charger.

Available now, priced at $69.95 (approximately £37).

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