Snappy Face Recognition may protect your PC


It’s become quite trendy to have some form of biometric security on your computer now, including fingerprint recognition on your laptop. One solution that sounds like it might work for non-critical security applications is face recognition.

The Snappy Face Recogniser is a webcam which claims to have advanced face recognition technology built-in that will restrict access to your PC unless your mug is present to log you in and access your files. It has a 1024×768 resolution still camera (640×480 at 30fps for video) so can capture a pretty decent image with which to work.

It’s compact and lightweight (80 x 40 x 18mm, 120g) so could be used with your laptop, or as a webcam on your existing computer. It comes with Face Recogniser Software.

It costs £49.98 so it’s not a bad buy. It might be a pain if you already have a better webcam.


Andy Merrett
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