Samsung FX media phone with 5.1 channel audio

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Samsung has launched another handset in South Korea that we may or may not see in some form, going under the name of the FX.

It’s a slider at just 1.9cm thick and with phone and PDA functionality, along with Wi-Fi, digital TV reception and 5.1-channel audio. There’s also a 2.4-inch colour screen, front-mounted VGA camera and a two megapixel camera on the back. It features all the call and media playback facilities you’d expect, and of course, with virtual 5.1 audio support, one you wouldn’t. According to Samsung, the phone can mix the audio into two channels for a better-sounding stereo experience. Storage of media is on the phone or via Micro SD cards.

No news as yet of it coming to Europe – we’ll keep you posted.

Samsung website

Via The Register

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