QDOS Genesis 4-way surround speaker system for iPod

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QDOS have released their Genesis four-speaker surround sound unit for all iPods (except the Shuffle). It has four 3W speakers and provides a 360 degree sound field.

Its cylindrical shape concertinas so can be collapsed into a carry case and easily transported, and when in use is 115mm in diameter and 125mm in height, weighing 0.8kg. As per other docks, it will sync, dock and charge your iPod whilst in use.

It runs off 4 AA batteries, giving 8 hours play, or DC power. It also has an audio in for connecting other MP3 players and sound sources.

It comes in black and white and can also be customised with other skins.

“We believe that Genesis is the most chic portable sound system on the market, plus it produces the sound quality of a decent home audio system. We’ve managed to keep the price low so it really stands out as cost-effective in comparison to the competition.” said Yvan Lazareff, Director of QDOS.

It’s available now for £89.99.

What do you think? Presumably it will sound best in the middle of a room.

QDOS website

Andy Merrett
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