Protecting the Windows Registry

Propellerhead Top Tip

This tip from Propellerhead is for advanced users. As we have said on numerous occasions the Registry is the heart of Windows and the place where all of the most critical configuration settings, and much more besides, are stored. Even a simple mistake can make your PC unusable so it should be off-limits to novices and tinkerers.

However, it’s very easy to get at, so if you are at all concerned about its security, and you know your way around Windows System files you should block access to it. To do that open the Registry Editor by typing ‘regedit’ (without the quotes) in Run on the Start menu, highlight a key, right-click and select Permissions.

Click on the account you want to restrict and tick Allow or Deny as appropriate. Repeat as necessary for each of the main keys. This is just one of the hundreds of great tips and tweaks you’ll find on the PCTopTips website

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