Private Browser Leaves No Traces

Propellerhead Top Tip

As you (hopefully) know browsing the Internet is not a private activity and it leaves a trail half a mile wide that almost anyone with a mind to can easily track back to your PC. Everything from Windows to your ISP and the websites you visit maintain records of your activities but there are ways to protect your privacy.

Propellerhead suggests that there are plenty of ways to protect your identity, one of which is to use a website like It’s a free ‘proxy’ browser that lets you visit websites, without leaving any traces behind. If you want to take up the paid-for option you’ll be issued with a ‘virtual’ debit card that let’s you make on-line purchases,

but we’re getting into uncharted waters now and you should just stick with the freebie option until you know a bit more about it. For more great freeware utilities and PC tweaks tips visit the archive at PCTopTips

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