Plug and play Atari console keyrings


Once, in the dim and distant days of childhood, a large console unit, sizeable controllers and plenty of wiring was needed to play your Atari favourites on the TV. Now you can take them with you on a keyring with the Atari Video Game Keychains.

Yes, miniaturisation has given a new lease of life to several Atari retro classics. Take your pick from Pong, Asteroids or Centipede. In fact, you get more than that – with Pong comes Breakout and Warlords, while Asteroids also features Millipede and Centipede comes with Yar’s Revenge.

Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from the wires – you get a 6ft cable (so now it’s not so portable) and you’ll need 3 x AA batteries to use it. They’re available now in the US, priced around $15.

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Dave Walker

One thought on “Plug and play Atari console keyrings

  • Like it.

    Sad thing is I still have an Atari games console gathering dust somewhere. I’ve lost count of how many of those original Atari joysticks I broke – they’d start clicking then maybe one direction would stop working, and occasionally the middle would snap altogether. Ahhh.

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