Philips launch 3 Ambilight HDTVs


Philips have released three advanced high-definition LCD TVs in the UK all featuring advanced technology including the Ambilight surround-screen lighting, Pixel Plus, and Clear LCD.

The 32PF9731D, 37PF9731D are 42PF9731D are available now. Take a look at the first two digits of the product – that’s the diagonal screen size in inches.

Now, to that technology:

Ambilight enhances the viewing experience by projecting light from each side of the TV, with the intensity and colour of that light set to match what’s on screen. Ambilight Surround is found on the two larger sets (37 and 42 inch) – this additionally has a third projection on top of the TV to further extend the light coverage. It’s designed to be both immersive and relaxing, and Philips can even boast that top eye surgeons agree that Ambilight reduces the eye strain normally associated with watching TV.

Pixel Plus 3HD is a resolution-enhancement system which Philips claim can even enhance existing high-def content. It works on any content, from 720p and 1080i HD right down to standard def TV and DVDs. The system works entirely digitally so there’s no loss of picture quality, and it’s supposed to virtually eliminate digital artefacts and picture noise.

Clear LCD technology uses Hot Cathode Florescent Lamp (HCFL) technology to provide a scanning, dimmable backlight which works together with the fast response time (6ms) to deliver excellent motion reproduction and picture contrast.

The 32 and 42 inch screens have a 1366×768 resolution, whilst the 37 inch screen has 1920×1080. They’re kitted out in sleek black finish with matching stand. The speaker array includes two dome tweeters and two woofers, incorporating Philips’ patented wOOx bass extension technology, integrated into base of the set.

There are two HDMI ports, plus 2 SCARTs, component, S/PDIF in/out, an Ethernet port for home networking, 2 USB ports and a multi-card reader, so these sets really can be connected into your digital entertainment world.

The sets are available now if you’ve got the cash to splash on them:

The 32PF9731D costs £1,799, the 37PF9731D £2,499, and the 42PF9731D costs a cool £3,000. Don’t forget the other paraphernalia you’ll need to really enjoy HD…

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