Orange launches the Unique phone – one handset for home and mobile calls

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Orange has today launched the Unique phone – the company’s first converged service, offering the benefits of fixed-line and mobile in one handset to customers in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. The first handsets compatible with the service are the Motorola A910, Nokia 6136 and the Samsung P200.

The idea is simple – have a single phone for all your needs, with one number, one address book and one bill. At home, the handset connects by Wi-Fi mode to the Orange Livebox, with calls routed via the net. And outside the Wi-Fi network, it functions on a mobile network. You can move between the mobile and home networks without interrupting your conversation – a call made at home automatically switches over to the Orange mobile network when you leave the house, with a symbol on the phone’s screen informing you of the network you’re connected to.

Each home can have up to six Unique phones, with three people able to make calls or surf the net at the same time. Because it uses the Orange Livebox to route calls at home, Unique phone also offers enhanced coverage and faster access to Orange mobile data services including Orange World, picture and video messaging, mobile email and the mobile internet. And there’s unlimited free calls at home to Orange mobiles and landlines.

UK customers can pre-register for the service now, with the first units available in November.

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