MySpace Europe to turn red Sep 21st: battle against Aids and poverty


MySpace Europe will turn its home page red on September 21st (Thursday) to show support for Bono’s “Red” activism venture that raises money and awareness for the Global Fund to combat Aids, TB and malaria in Africa. It will also make it easy for its users to customise their own pages to show support for the campaign.

Chief exec of Red, Bobby Shriver, said, “Red and MySpace are a great fit. Its youthful base of creators and users are more aware of global issues such as Aids, making it the perfect forum for Red. Word of mouth can make a big difference in driving social change.”

If it takes off it could have a powerful viral effect, raising awareness of the issues. Even a tiny percentage of MySpace’s 105 million worldwide users who choose to support the cause could have a dramatic effect in spreading the word. Then link with Bono probably doesn’t hurt on a site renowned for its music, either.


Andy Merrett
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