Miglia TVBook Pro: Digital TV on your MacBook Pro


Miglia, known for their USB TV sticks for the Mac, have released an exclusive MacBook Pro TV solution that utilises its new ExpressCard/34 card. It also provides antenna amplification via USB, which should make it more mobile where a TV signal could be weaker.

Your chosen aerial (active, passive or rooftop) simply plugs in as you would into your TV or set top box, and then you can watch Freeview (or whatever other free-to-air DVB-T digital programmes are available where you’re travelling), and do the usual timeshifting and recording functions provided by the EyeTV2 software. It’ll handle all MPEG formats, commonly MPEG-2 as sent by broadcasters.

It’s 120x34x18mm and weighs 150g, so it shouldn’t get in the way of working. Tuners working on previous Macs like the PowerBook have taken quite a hit on the processor, but the Macbook Pro should have ample processing power to provide a high-quality, jitter-free picture.

I’ve always been impressed with these systems and this sounds like a great solution for Apple’s new laptops.

Available from October, priced £99.

Miglia website

Andy Merrett
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