Mac gets Skype 2.0 beta: free video calls beckon

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Mac users are now able to catch up a little with a free download of version 2.0 (beta) of the Skype software. This adds the option of free video calling to other Skype users with a webcam, regardless of their operating system.

These one-on-one video calls can be viewed within the Skype window or in full screen mode. There’s also another window so the user can see their own appearance.

Skype have always claimed that their system just works, without messing with settings and hassles with firewalls and such like. Though Apple have been pushing their own multi-chat video system through iChat AV, that’s only really good for connecting multiple Mac users. Not many of my friends have Macs (shame) so having Skype with video should make it a lot easier.

Then again, I’m not sure I always want my friends to see me on video…

It needs a G4, G5 or Intel processor running at least 800MHz, and obviously a webcam, as well as the usual requirements. Hopefully beta doesn’t equate with unstable – but there’s always version 1.5 to fall back on if it does prove unreliable.

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