Hard-Fi on the high street with Wharfedale's 40GB HDD Micro System

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Regular readers might remember that we featured the Hard-Fi (not the band) system 12 months back, which was pitched as the first mass market device to allow the transfer of music directly from CD to MP3 format without a computer. Things have moved on a bit since then, with a version of Hard-Fi just launched under the Wharfedale brand – the Wharfedale 40GB HDD Micro System.

Hard-Fi technology essentially stores your record collection digitally in the same way as your PC – but a PC isn’t involved. Insert your a CD into the Wharfedale system – while it’s playing, it’s getting compressed and stored – and available to transfer to your portable player if you so wish. The Wharfedale system has a built-in upgradable database with 1.9 million albums so that CD tracks are labelled as they are loaded. Used with its predictive text, you’ll find your tracks in seconds. Just as well, as the 40GB drive can hold up to 8,000 tunes.

Other features of the Micro System include an FM/AM PLL digital tuner with 20 station presets, CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 playback, LCD display, USB connectivity, two way speakers and a remote control.

It’s available now, initially from Argos, priced at £199.99.

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