Fujifilm announces FinePix S5 Pro SLR – the successor to the FinePix S3


Although not expected onto the market before February 2007, Fujifilm has already announced details of the successor to its FinePix S3 SLR – the FinePix S5 Pro.

Fujifilm claims the new model is a refinement of what it calls the "winning formula" of the F3. Fujifilm’s Super CCD SR II will be updated to the new Super CCD SR Pro. Using a layout of twelve million paired photodiodes (6.17 million larger ‘S’ photodiodes for main image information, combined with 6.17 million smaller ‘R’ photodiodes for bright area information), the S5 Pro will deliver improvements in noise, dynamic range, colour and tonality. In addition, a new, low-pass filter will ensure that moiré and noise are kept to a minimum.

The new Real Photo Processor Pro should mean colour recorded as the human eye sees it. The processor’s two stages of noise reduction will deliver a clean image and also permit light sensitivity up to ISO 3200 whilst achieving sharp, low-noise images. A new dark noise reduction process, subtracting the residual, ambient noise on the sensor from the actual exposure should produce smooth, clean images when long shutter speeds are used. Other improvements include the ability to record jpeg and RAW files simultaneously to the card, Face Detection technology, a tough, magnesium alloy shell with weatherproof seals and a durable shutter mechanism, which has been tested to exceed 100,000 cycles.

The FinePix S5 Pro is scheduled for launch in February 2007. Pricing and additional details will be available nearer the launch date.

Fujifilm website

Dave Walker
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