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Propellerhead Top Tip

Remember the Slingbox? It was the Summer’s hot gadget and it allowed you to stream live TV, video and music from your PC to any other PC with a net connection. Propellerhead has found a way of doing all that for free, with a program called Orb.

Simply install Orb on your PC; set up the password protected login and you’re away. When you are away from home or the office all you have to do is open a browser on a PC, laptop or mobile device, logon to your Orb account and you can stream media direct from your PC to wherever you are. If your home PC has a tuner you can watch live TV, or you can watch videos, listen to music or view images stored on your hard drive. So what’s the catch?

Well, at the moment there doesn’t see to be one; you just need a moderately fast PC (2.5GHz or above with at least 512Mb RAM and plenty of free hard disc space) to use the TV steamer, and it will definitely knock a big hole in your allowance if you are on a capped broadband deal. Looking for more PC tweaks and free software? Then head over to the archive at PCTopTips

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