Flipbook Printer

Propellerhead Top Tip

Remember those little flipbooks you used to get in comics (Propellerhead is showing his age now), or maybe you’ve made your own by drawing ‘stickmen’ on the corners of an exercise book?  Now you can make your own with this simple to use ‘donationware’ utility (it’s free but if you like it then you are encouraged to make a small donation).

It’s called Flipbook Printer and it creates custom flipbooks from video files shot on a camcorder or digital camera. It’s really easy to use, just select the movie file you want to use, set up your print options, click the Print icon and away it goes.

Cut out the images, or use ready perforated ‘Business Card’ blanks, staple them together and flip away! For more great games, hints and tips pop along to the archives at PCTopTips

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