DJ Shortee goes digital with Denon DN-S3500 Professional DJ Player

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Getting a DJ hooked on (let’s face it) far superior vinyl is no easy task – getting the same tactile feel and sound from CDs and MP3s has been difficult, if not impossible. Yet some do make the transition.

Hip-hop DJ Shortee has long been a fan of vinyl but is seeing less and less music being released on it, even in his genre, and a dramatic rise in the use of MP3 files and CDs. He’s tried a number of digital substitutes but hasn’t found something that feels right.

However, he seems to be enjoying the Denon DN-S3500 Professional DJ Player pair he has. He says:

“The fact is that less and less music is being pressed on vinyl and I needed something that would make the transition to CD easily. I have tried various vinyl emulation devices but they just don’t have that feel.

“When I tested out the DN-S3500 it really stood out because of the powered platter, it’s so responsive it’s scary! I can use it just as if I’m playing records and if it does what I need then as far as I’m concerned, that’s it.

“The DN-S3500 is definitely good for the hip-hop DJ,
especially with the increasing amount of MP3’s. I use it for the loop
facility and can cut up two records as I do with vinyl. It’s comfortable
to work with and scratches good.”

He’s using them to pre-mix his KISS FM radio shows, and on future tour dates.

Highlights of the player include:
* Direct drive
* 2.5 kg-cm torque
* Full MP3 playback and file search support
* 33/45 rpm modes
* Built-in FX
* Deep pitch resolution (0.2%)
* Brake, Reverse and Dump platter modes
* Next Track function
* Hot Starts & Sampler facilities
* Seamless Loop to Sampler copy function
* Two-way CUE Search system
* Customisable slipmats
* Software upgradeable via CD
* Extensive preset menu

Full player details from Denon

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  • I’d be amazed if a dancefloor tune isn’t out on vinyl – unless it’s a chessy pop track.

    The other option (if you genuinely can’t get a track) for the big earning pop DJ is a vinyl cutter like the Vestax VRX 2000. £8,500 – but I’m sure DJ Shortee can afford that.

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