Denon roll out four home cinema AV receivers


Denon have released four feature-rich home cinema receivers, with prices starting at just £250. Each model builds upon the feature set of the lower spec one.

All decks including the entry-level AVR-1507 feature:
– Discrete 7.1 amplifier with 7 x 110 W output
– Auto Setup with high quality Audio Technica microphone
– New easy to use ERGO remote
– 32-Bit floating point DSP, full 96 kHz processing, 192 kHz DACs
– Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS-NEO:6, DTS 96/24
– Audio Delay (0-200 ms), Night Mode
– 8 channel EXT in for future sound formats
– S-Video, 3 component, 2 coaxial digital, 2 optical digital inputs
– Dock Control connector for ASD-1R dock for iPod

On top of that, the AVR-1707 (priced at £300) and above features assignable surround back amplifier for Front bi-amping, digital component video conversion, and 3 assignable component inputs.

Moving up, the AVR-1907 at £400 beefs up to 120W per channel, On Screen Displays for all functions including iPod, all aluminium front panel and controls, 3 digital inputs, and digital output.

Finally, the top of range AVR-2307 pumps out 135 watts per channel, 1080p HD-Ready HDMI repeater and switching, HDMI Video conversion, Auto Setup with Parametric Room EQ, Pure Direct mode for music, 5 S-Video inputs and 4 optical digital inputs, and a phono input.

Sorry that sounded like a compete spec sheet – believe me this is Denon so there’s a whole lot more detail than that – they’ve never skimped on telling you exactly what their machines are capable of, that’s for sure.

These units are generally a little easier on the wallet, too, which is good to see. They’re labelled the 2007 Range, though they’re available now.

Denon web site

Andy Merrett