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I guess if you don’t have a hope of taking massive market share from the iPod with your own players, you might as well put your audio knowledge to making speakers for them. At least that’s what Creative have done with their Travelsound 250 and 400 iPod speaker systems.

The Travelsound 400 speakers are portable, 180-degree swivelable speakers, letting you adjust the sound for those times when you keep moving from one side of the room to the other.

They feature high quality NeoTitanium micro drivers, up to 35 hours play off 4 triple-A batteries, wide stereo effect, DC jack, 2W per channel output, and weighing 273g without batteries. That swivel speaker system also acts as a cover when not in use. They cost £38.99

The Travelsound 250 iPod Speakers deliver 1.5W per channel, and run from 3 triple-A batteries. It features a dual-angle swivel enclosure for adjusting the direction of the sound. It’ll work with any iPod or other player via 3.5mm audio jack. It’ll play for up to 25 hours on its batteries. It weighs 248g without batteries. Cost £28.99

Both are available now.

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