BT launches PodShow for audio and video sharing


BT has launched a podcasting/social networking site called BT PodShow which will allow anyone who registers to upload their own audio and video clips, the best of which will be featured on “The Show” section of the website.

Though it sounds similar to YouTube, it may well be slightly more controlled by the powers that be at BT, given the ‘best of’ comments above. So at YouTube anyone can contribute anything and it’s immediately viewable by everyone – whereas this sounds a bit more like an online talent show.

BT will be plugging the best content into its website, mobile and BT Vision. Quite who is making the decisions as to what’s good I’m not sure – hope it’s not Simon Cowell 🙂

Another factor to consider is that there’s not so much ‘cool’ associated with British Telecom as there is with YouTube, MySpace, Bebo and the like. It all feels a bit corporate. BT expect thousands of submissions, but it may keep the young trendies away.

What do you reckon? Should BT be getting into this space, or is it best left to the those services already doing it so well?

BT PodShow

Andy Merrett
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