Browzar: New browser makes big deal out of 'private surfing'


A new web browser called Browzar is trying to make its new feature to ‘privately’ surf the web sound out-of-the-ordinary.

What would be unusual (and difficult) is if there was a way to anonymise what you actually do on the Net as seen by the myriad of other computers on the web. What Browzar actually does is – basically – to delete all traces of the pages visited and search terms entered.

Yes, you can do this in other browsers.

It’s based on Internet Explorer (yeah, I know) and does such exciting things as not keeping a history of web pages or a cache on the hard disk. It also gets rid of cookies, and there’s no auto-complete function on forms and the location bar.

Sounds to me like it would be more use in a shared environment such as a hot-desking office or an Internet cafe than at home. Cookies, for example, are extremely useful and I wouldn’t want them being cleared out at the end of each session.

I’m not sure how appealing this is going to be. The makers don’t see it as a rival but rather a complement to existing browsers, for when privacy is required. It’s currently available for Windows, and Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.

What do you reckon? Gimmick or useful?

Browzar website

Andy Merrett
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