Browsar Security Called into Question


Barely a week has passed since the fanfare of publicity that accompanied the launch of Browzar, which was billed as a ‘safer’ browser for those who want to keep their surfing private. The principle concerns, that it is ‘Fake and Full of Adware,’ are being voiced on numerous websites.

Whether or not that is the case remains to be see but there is no disputing the fact that it is simply a wrapper for Internet Explorer, with all of its inherent security shortcomings. Moreover the URLs of web sites visited are still recorded in the hidden Windows index.dat file, so anyone with a mind to do so can easily find out where you have been on the net.

However, the biggest complaint is that homepage is hard-wired and cannot be changed and Searches are routed through a well-known ‘pay-per-click’ search engine called Overture (now owned by Yahoo).

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One thought on “Browsar Security Called into Question

  • Make no mistake, Browsar DOES leave tracks of where you have been and what you have searched on. I ran a test using Browsar for searching “catdungontoasttastesbad” which cannot possibly be a character string left by any other site or previous search on any browser, and when finished, having not found the string on anyone’s website, I shut down Browser normally. I next ran a full disk search for that same character string and found it buried on the disk multiple times. I next visited a website I’ve never been to before, did another disk search and found that same URL at multiple times on disk after having shut down Browsar as normal. In plain words, it’s still tracking you.

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