Battery recall not all bad: Apple customers may get better batteries


Having to send your notebook battery back to the manufacturer due to safety concerns can be a pain as far as going mobile with it is concerned, but some user reports are suggesting that it could be a shorter wait than the 4-6 weeks that Apple say customers should wait, and you may end up with a better battery.

Simon Perry at Digital Lifestyles said that his battery arrived within 2 weeks by courier, and that, though it looked the same as the old battery, was actually better:

If you’re interested, the batteries look identical form the outside, but we’ve found that the replacements have a higher battery capacity 4607 mAh vs 4400 mAh of the original. The new one certainly has loads more than 2846 mAh that our 14 month battery has ended up with. Translated – what you end up with is better than the original.

Particularly as they’re recalling batteries from as far back as 2003, those batteries are likely to have degraded somewhat after so many charge cycles. So, there is a silver lining.

I ordered my replacement Powerbook battery a week-and-a-half ago so it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes in the UK. Anyone else recalled Apple or Dell batteries and had them arrive yet?

Andy Merrett
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  • I got my 12″ Powerbook battery replaced while it was in service (to replace a fan). The new battery is 4400mAh like the old one.

  • made an order an ended up with a new battery to replace my 2 year old one – i am stoked as the battery operates on average 30 – 40min longer than my last one…. bring on the recalls (my powerbook could do with replacing – although i love it with all my heart)

  • Just waiting on the UPS guy to take the old one away now – I signed in for it about 3 days after the recall was issued, so I reckon its been 2 to 3 weeks.

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