Apple updates iTunes 7: is it any better?


Apple’s iTunes 7 was met with mixed reactions when it was launched earlier this month. Though it had some nice features, such as free album art, seamless playback, eye candy Cover Flow, and new views, some users complained of poor sound quality, podcast playback problems, iPod synchronisation, and more.

Apple are usually pretty quick at getting out updates, and yesterday version 7.0.1 was released into the wild from the Apple website or via Software Update. A .01 version update means that not a huge amount has changed, but Apple are claiming that stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, and iPod syncing have been improved.

I hadn’t noticed any particular problems with iTunes 7, but it’ll be interesting to hear if the previous issues have been resolved, or if we’ll have to wait for a 7.0.2.

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Andy Merrett
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  • I upgraded to 7.0 when it was released, only to find that it wouldn’t work at all, and kept crashing constantly.
    So I downgraded to the previous 6.x version, which worked fine.
    Just upgraded to 7.0.1 to find that the 7.0.0 problems are still there. Downgrade again,m I guess.
    *roll eyes*

  • Why should I upgrade? 6.05 is already way too many resources. Doe anybody know whether the wine Itunes installation can be used to stream music?

  • I have a brand-new Intel-based iMac. iTunes 7.0 refused to play any song in AAC format. I upgraded to 7.0.1, which did not solve the problem. So I gave up and downgraded to version 6.0.5, which works beautifully.

  • Better, but I still have problems getting my Nano to be detected by iTunes. I have to go into task manager, kill the iPodService.exe, plug in my ipod, close the folder windows that pops up, then start iTunes. It will detect it then, but loses it after about 30 minutes. That is an improvement, though, since this work every time. Previously that same sequence would work, but only 1/3 of the time.

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