Apple iPhone would flop, UK survey suggests

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A recent survey suggests that a next-generation iPod phone (dubbed the iPhone) would not be a huge success, despite the Apple-fan rumours going round that appear to be clamouring for it.

A digital music survey of 3000 British consumers suggests that most people would either keep phone and music player separate, or want a phone that plays music rather than a music player that makes phone calls:

  • 46% of those surveyed said they would prefer to use a phone that played media files.
  • 21% said they’d use a music player on its own.
  • Over one-third said they’d never use a combined phone and music player.

Over-45s were the most reticent about using a combined gadget, whereas most teenagers – whilst open to using an integrated machine, would rather use a phone that played music than a phone-enabled MP3 player.

Analysts say it reinforces figures that show iPod sales slipping whilst music-enabled mobile phones increase in popularity.

And yet, despite all this, yet other figures show that only 25% of people want to download music onto their phone at all.

So what have we got here? Well, if people are into downloading mobile music at all, they’d rather do it on something that’s a phone that happens to be able to play music, rather than on an MP3 player that happens to be able to make phone calls. I don’t understand the major difference myself, but I guess it’s all about perception.

Would you use an iPod phone?

Andy Merrett
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  • Maybe if they brought out the 60gb video ipod with a built in phone. Obviously it would be slightly bigger than the rest of the modern day mobiles but it would be a huge sucsess.

  • They are idiots. The phone from Apple will be just that, a phone. For a long time it has been obvious that the iPod and the phone are completely different products.

    What it will do, is sort out the crappy interfaces that all mobiles suffer from, and put it into a well thought out and innovative design, just like the existing phonemakers are incapable of creating.

    I’ll bet on it being a major, major success. Be prepared to love you phone like you love your iPod. If you have any sense you will also have a Mac, then you will love your computer too.

  • Are these people who did the survey stupid? or unable to read?

    Apple are to announce a mobile phone based on the size and style of an iPod nano. Thats about as far as it goes to being an iPod. There is no ipod&mobile in one as that report suggests.

    The iPhone is a “mobile phone” which will interact and store music from iTunes along with interaction from iCal, Address Book, Mac Mail and of course iPhoto.

    Trust people from inside.

  • Would you rather drive a car with an iPod or ride an iPod with wheels??? Get it together..
    iPhones will be a success and they will not be iPods that receive phone calls they will be iPhones (Phones that play music, take pictures, hold data and, i am sure, much more…

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