WOTD: Politically Erect


OK I’ve been very bad and not posted a website of the day for two whole days. By way of making up for this sad omission, today I’m linking to a site that should keep you either laughing or scratching your head bemusedly all weekend: PoliticallyErect.co.uk.

OK strictly speaking this isn’t really a tech site – though these wacky young’uns do mention the Steadicam a few times. Anyway, it’s Friday: time for a laugh. It’s cool to see what possibly the next generation of filmmakers / comedy writers / layabouts are putting out onto the net… and not a YouTube sticker in sight.

Just for double bonus linkage, these are the same guys who devised FuelKat, some cool – if gory – Shockwave animations. Take a look there, too, why don’t you.

Andy Merrett
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