Windows Vista Launch Plans 'Confirmed'


The somewhat ‘flexible’ launch schedule for Windows Vista is now looking a lot more certain with Microsoft insiders claiming that the first shipments to business users will almost certainly take place as expected in November, followed by the consumer roll-out towards the end of January.

Meanwhile the 2-million plus participants of the mammoth Vista Beta 2 Trial programme can look forward to the deployment of Release Candidate 1 (RC1) sometime in the first couple of weeks of September. RC1 is one of the latest builds and should be as close to the final finished product as makes no difference.

Several new features are likely to be incorporated in RC1 and these include links to Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live OneCare’ Live Desktop Mail on the Welcome screen. So what is Windows ‘Live’? Well, according to the official guff… ‘Windows Live is a set of a new set of Internet software and services designed to work together seamlessly to put you in control of the information, personal connections, and interests you care about’…  And if that sounds like a long-winded way of saying a lot of fancy browser bookmarks you’re not far wrong but you can see what it is all about for yourself at Windows Live Ideas

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