Weirdest uses for a MacBook Pro

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OK, this is just plain weird. I’m sure you know the stories of early MacBook Pros overheating, and you’re probably aware that since the latest Powerbooks came out, they’ve had motion sensors built in to protect the hard drive against sudden drops and other movements.

So of course, there’s always a few people who use these features for slightly unorthodox tasks.

TechEBlog has compiled a top 5 of the strangest uses for a MacBook Pro, including cooking your breakfast on an upturned, overheating machine, adding a disco effect to the MBPs backlit keyboard, or my favourite, switching between two complete screen views by tapping the sides of the screen.

I’m sure these all invalidate your warranty, though. The light-sabre thing just makes me cringe – don’t drop the computer. Don’t… argh!

Andy Merrett
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