Web at 15: Top 5 "Why?" Websites


Today’s Web at 15 celebration is the top 5 "Why?" websites. To be honest, there are so many strange sites out there, this is but a tiny glimpse. Some of them take us back to the glory days of garish backgrounds, big, coloured fonts, and badly animated graphics.

They’re not big, they’re not clever, but they’ll probably make you say "Why?"

5. Cabbage Converter

Because you always wanted to be a cabbage.

4. The really big button that doesn’t do anything

A futile website last updated in 1999. Really.

3. Captain Ozone

Sounds vaguely environmental, doesn’t it? Well, yes, if you think toilets are an art form.

2. Beaver Salon

Shave and spray away.

1. Die screaming with sharp things in your head

But only if you’re a garden gnome.

Weird website to share? Tell us in the comments below.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Web at 15: Top 5 "Why?" Websites

  • I would definitely be asking WHY about this site here…


    I use it whenever I test out a customer’s internet connection. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they’re scared, other times they say ‘well, that’s just stupid’. You choose for yourself.

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