Vodafone say video calling is a flop

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Vodafone are admitting that video calling has not been a success with
its customers, despite it being one of the main selling points for 3G
phones. Voice and text still remains the predominant use of phones for
communicating, and any video-ing going on is probably destined for the
likes of YouTube.

Rumours have been circulating that Vodafone has lost interest in 3G,
and that all the cash that went into securing licences and
infrastructure was a waste. They seem unhappy to subsidise 3G handsets
any more, because customers aren’t spending enough money on the extra

Mind you, they have also said that more than half of their 3G customers have taken a mobile TV package, often the premium one. It’s all a tad confusing knowing who to believe, because a more independent survey found that 3 in 4 of all mobile users weren’t interested in Mobile TV at all.

Mobile operator 3 would disagree, claiming that its mobile TV and music services were wildly popular. So, are people turning to 3 instead of V, or is there some marketing hype going on here? What, hype? Never.

It makes me wonder how many people are actually on 3G technology anyway, letalone using its features, if all people really want to do is send text messages…

(sings: And I’m gonna be under the tree, I wonder why no-one’s using 3G…)

Andy Merrett
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  • 3G ROCKS!

    Now that we’ve moved on from 2.5G – for those data user’s previously strangled due to slow speeds and the like, now with 3G access can get their content, games, TV, video calling much faster than before!

  • I always thought that 3G wouldn’t be popular.
    Its far more easier and cheaper to make a voice call to someone anyway.

    Besides the quality of the actual video conversation isn’t superb.

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