Vista and Office due January 30th (2007) – watch them slide


According to a listing posted on (example), Windows Vista and Office 2007 will be launched on the same day – January 30th 2007. Who wants to take bets on that date slipping – at least for Vista?

Maybe this will be the release date – I mean, Vista can’t slip for ever, can it?

Prices seem to have been revealed, too, with Vista Ultimate (great name) priced at £210, Vista Business at £157, Home at £105 and Home Premium at £126.

Of course, this could all just be speculation. We’re not reliant on for announcing important software releases.

Apparently those with volume licencing agreements will get Office code in October and Vista code in November, though may be unlikely to install it until it’s really released. Whenever that is…

Andy Merrett
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