Virgin to cure in-flight boredom with text Q&A

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If the in-flight movie isn’t doing anything for you, your iPod has run out of batteries, and you’re fed up listening to the guy snoring in the seat next to you, maybe you’d like to pass the time and boredom with a few text messages.

Normally, that’s out of the question, but if a system from Virgin takes off, you could start texting questions to a ground station and have them answered, all in mid-flight.

You wouldn’t use your regular phone – passengers would use their seat-back TV screens (hmm we’re not talking economy class here are we?) to text a question to an existing answer service on the ground (not Richard Branson then) which promises to answer any question within minutes.

It’s an interesting idea, but I think I could find better ways of entertaining myself on a long flight with a little preparation – and for free.

Not sure when this service is being introduced though.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Virgin to cure in-flight boredom with text Q&A

  • Virgin have had tv’s in the back of the headrests for ages. They’ve also had their whatsiscalled system for a good few years now which allows each seat to watch any film from the onflight library, usually around 70 films.
    It certainly helps pass the time to say America if theres 3-4 films you want to watch. 😀

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