UK Government on YouTube – hit or miss?


We’ve had pensioners and chavs stake their claim to fame on YouTube, and now the UK Government seems to want a piece of the action.

No, it’s not Tony Blair rapping, or "John Prescott’s Boxing Tips" (I’d pay to see that – not much, of course) – but instead some informational videos about how the government and vital services are adopting and embracing technology.

Well, that’s the utopian ideal, anyway.

The videos are probably not going to win any popularity contests (hey,
it’s Government, so no change there) though they are a hell of a lot
more professional in production than most of the offerings. Backing
music excepted, that is.

Ian Dunmore, Director of Public Sector Forums said "This looks like the
first time a government anywhere has used YouTube in this way. It’s a
ground-breaking move and one other governments might well follow."

Great! I think…

When I looked at the videos last week, there were no comments or video
replies – so either no-one’s viewed them, or they fell asleep before
the end. That may have changed, though.

UK Government on YouTube

Andy Merrett
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