Toshiba boosts the transfer rates of its SD cards

Cameras, MP3 players

  Toshiba is launching two new series of SD cards, including the first Class 6 cards, with transfer rates as high as 20MB per second.

In May this year, the SD Card Association introduced the SD Speed Class, defining three minimum data transfer rates for next generation SD Cards; Class 2 supports a minimum data transfer rate of 2MB per second, Class 4 supports 4MB per second and Class 6, 6MB. Toshiba’s new high speed series of cards are Class 4, which offer a maximum data transfer rate of 5MB per second, along with the ultra-high speed series Speed Class 6 SD cards, with the 20MB per second transfer rate – double  the rate of any other Toshiba-brand SD cards.

Aimed at video recording and high performance digital cameras, the cards will be rolled out in Japan in October, hitting the UK in November in a choice of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities.

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