T-Mobile's PAYG customers get capped mobile Internet browsing

Mobile phones

T-Mobile has announced that from today, its Pay-As-You-Go customers can surf the Internet on their mobile phones and never pay more than £1 a day.

It’s part of their web’n’walk service which has been advertised quite extensively recently. It will cost them less than 1p per kilobyte, so effectively once they use more than about 100K (not difficult on the Net) they’ll not pay any more that day.

They claim that unlike other operators who offer a cut down Internet experience, there’s no restriction on what sites can be viewed. I’d expect that it won’t handle much more than text and simple graphics, though, both because of the technology involved and the price capping. Of course there’s a fair use policy in the small print.

Seems like a pretty good deal for PAYGers wanting moderate access to the Net, though it’s not going to take long to get through 100K a day.

Andy Merrett
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