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Is this the strangest portable DVD player you’ve seen? The Sports Car DVD Player with TFT display, which has just appeared on the Play Engine website, has everything you’d expect from a portable player, whilst neatly doubling up as a toy car (if you want to act like a big kid).

I can’t think of any time I’d like to watch a film through the boot of a toy car, but if you’ve an obsession with all things four wheels, you’ll be interested to know that discs go in via a tray at the front of the car, with the 5-inch LCD screen sliding up through the roof. The player is compatible with DVD, SVCD, DVCD, VCD, MP3, CD and CD-R/W discs. Speakers are located in the rear wheels, with the AV output at the rear (probably doubling as the exhaust). It even has a pair of LEDs for headlights which flash when you use the remote control.

The website hasn’t yet confirmed a price, but I’m guessing that if you’re in the minority that this appeals to, that probably doesn’t matter.

Play Engine website

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