Sandisk to launch 8Gb Flash music player: kill Nano

MP3 players

Sandisk are set to launch an 8 gigabyte flash MP3 player and lower prices on existing devices, according to reports today. The new player will arrive before the anticipated 8Gb iPod Nano, so it’s direct competition.

The Sansa e280 will retail in the US for around $250, which is the same price as the 4Gb Nano.

The e280 will have a memory card slot to boost its storage capacity – no doubt Sandisk’s memory cards will be recommended.

Despite Sandisk players already being cheaper than their iPod counterparts, the popularity of Apple’s offerings has not waned. Apple still has over three-quarters of the US share, compared to Sandisk’s 9%. I think it’s going to take more than a price cut to boost the appeal of the Sansa’s.

We’ll have to wait and see what the timing and pricing in the UK is – as usual.

Andy Merrett
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