Real Swing Golf – indoor fairway fun


If you’ve got any sense and you enjoy your golf, chances are you’ll be pounding the fairways while the sun’s shining and the evenings are long. But if the walking is a bit much for you, it might be worth considering Real Swing Golf – golf without the exercise.

Quite why you’d want to play golf without the fresh air and exercise is beyond me, but if you do, just slip on a pair of check slacks and plug the kit into your TV set – you’ll be on the virtual fairway. Real Swing Golf features 18 holes and comes with a short golf club and sensor pad, complete with a tiny internal camera that detects the power and direction of your swing. The camera is sensitive enough to detect hooks, slices and general sloppiness – so make sure you do it properly.

Using the control buttons on the sensor pad, up to four players can enter competitions, use the driving range, play 18 holes – even switch clubs. It’s powered off 4x AA batteries and doesn’t come with insurance against breaking half the ornaments in your home.

You can pick up Real Swing Golf now for around £40.

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