Quick Access To Word Count

Propellerhead Top Tip

Word Count has to be one of Word’s most frequently used functions, so why on earth has Microsoft made it so hard to get at? Propellerhead has come up with three ways to make it more accessible. If you are using Word 2002 or later then you can put a Word count button on the toolbar simply by going to View > Toolbars then click on Word Count and drag the icon to create a floating toolbar that you can embed with  the others at the top of the screen.

In earlier versions of Word right click on an empty area of the toolbar and select Customize then the Commands tab and in the Categories list select Tools. In the right hand Commands window scroll down to Word Count then drag and drop the icon onto the Toolbar. You can rename the button and change the icon while the Customize dialogue box is open by right clicking on it.

You can also remove it by simply dragging it off the toolbar onto the desktop. The third method is to assign Word Count a keyboard shortcut and once again open the Customize dialogue box, select the Word Count icon as before then click the Keyboard button and assign a shortcut, Word will tell you if it is already spoken for. There’s hundreds more great tips like this one on the PCTopTips website

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