PC World celebrates 25 years of the PC


It’s a happy birthday to the personal computer on August 12th. Yes, the item we love to hate – yet can’t be without – is 25 years old. And to celebrate this momentous date, PC World has commissioned a survey about how the things dominate our lives.

However, it seem that the only thing the YouGov research reveals is that PCs and internet access are rated as the technological innovations most people (32%) couldn’t live without – beating TVs (19%), mobile phones (7%) and even washing machines (20%). PC World reckons we’ll become more reliant on PC in the next 10 years (well, they would wouldn’t they), with internet fridges, security systems and digital health systems all ready to play a part in our lives.

With this in mind, they’re showcasing the technology of tomorrow with in-store trials of a digital home installation service called "The Connected Home" in stores in Staples Corner, Birmingham, and soon Tottenham Court Road, showcasing the latest in home computing technology, with advice on how to set up a PC-run home. A state of the art demonstration suite features technology that shows how far the PC has come since it was born in 1981.

Here’s to the next 25 years.

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Dave Walker
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